Saturday, June 25, 2011

Get Ready For Fun With Music!

I believe that learning to make and appreciate good music is one of the best ways to improve your mind and keep out of trouble. Think about it... if you are busy practicing an instrument or singing in choir, you have a lot less time to get into mischief (forget about band geeks on a tour bus for now - we'll address that later). With that in mind, it is my mission to introduce music - rhythm, pitch, tempo, dynamics, reading notes, singing, and playing - to every child who has a desire to learn, or to the child of every parent who wants their child to learn!

My philosophy is simple. Every child who wants to learn to make music can. It doesn't matter if they come from parents who are virtuoso pianists or professional opera singers or from parents who can't carry a tune in a bucket. If the child likes to listen to music, sing along in the car, or bang on pots and pans, they CAN learn to play and appreciate music. And they can have FUN at the same time.

So how is this possible? you may ask. Through my music classes! I offer two different options. First is a Fun With Music class. Through this class I introduce music basics in a fun and educational way. Second is through teaching violin lessons. I teach kids and adults of all levels and abilities, from beginning to advanced.

So read on, decide which class is best, and get ready for fun! And a lot of joyful noise!